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 Slideshow background

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PostSubject: Slideshow background    Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:50 pm

<!-- Begin
var speed = 10000
var Pic = new Array()
Pic[0] = 'http://i14.servimg.com/u/f14/16/73/75/32/images12.jpg';
Pic[1] = 'http://i14.servimg.com/u/f14/16/73/75/32/hd-fan10.jpg';
Pic[2] = 'http://i14.servimg.com/u/f14/16/73/75/32/images13.jpg';
var t;
var j = 0;
var p = Pic.length;
var preLoad = new Array()
for (i = 0; i < p; i++){
  preLoad[i] = new Image();
  preLoad[i].src = Pic[i];
function runBGSlideShow(){
 if (document.body){
  document.body.background = Pic[j];
  j = j + 1;
  if (j > (p-1)) j=0;
  t = setTimeout('runBGSlideShow()', speed);
window.onload= runBGSlideShow;
//  End -->

Runs an image slideshow in the background of the page, underneath the page content. Used with the accompanying style script, images are discretely positionable in the page space, just like a regular slideshow. Leave out the style script, and the slideshow runs with full page-space presentation.

Step 1: Add the below code to the HEAD section of your page.
Step 2: The script uses three images as part of its interface. You can create your own.

Tested at:Google Chrome,Firefox,IE
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Slideshow background

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